About CA*net 4

About CA*net 4

About CA*net 4

In 1998, CANARIE deployed CA*net 3, the world’s first national optical Internet research and education network. CA*net 3 was among the most advanced in the world when it was built, and its design has since been replicated by many network operators, both in the research and education as well as commercial domains. However, exponential growth in network traffic, expected growth in new high bandwidth applications, and planned extreme high bandwidth grid projects require that a new network be built to support leading-edge research in Canada. To this end, the Government of Canada committed $110 million to CANARIE for the design, deployment, and operation of CA*net 4.

CA*net 4, as did its predecessor CA*net 3, interconnects the provincial research networks, and through them universities, research centres, government research laboratories, schools, and other eligible sites, both with each other and with international peer networks. Through a series of point-to-point optical wavelengths, most of which are provisioned at OC-192 (10 Gbps) speeds, CA*net 4 yields a total initial network capacity of between four and eight times that of CA*net 3.

CA*net 4 embodies the concept of a “customer-empowered network” which will place dynamic allocation of network resources in the hands of end users and permit a much greater ability for users to innovate in the development of network-based applications. These applications, based upon the increasing use of computers and networks as the platform for research in many fields, are essential for the national and international collaboration, data access and analysis, distributed computing, and remote control of instrumentation required by researchers.

CANARIE R&D Programs

Technology is changing the way we live and work more each day. Therefore, to retain their industrial competitiveness, companies must be prepared to embrace the so-called “information revolution” and explore ways to extend their organization’s reach.

Through its funding programs, CANARIE supports a variety of initiatives to develop innovative applications and technologies to advanced broadband networks. CANARIE supports projects that conform to principles of open systems and interoperability. To be eligible for funding, projects must be led by a Canadian organization and be carried out in Canada. Financial contributions from CANARIE are repayable if the project is successfully commercialized.

A summary of CANARIE’s funding programs is given below, with a link to full information on each program. In most cases, the initial application is done online. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact the appropriate program director or analyst for more information.

Please note: Each funding program is managed independently and has its own funding criteria, time frame, application process, and deadlines. A submission to one program does not transfer automatically to another. The criteria for each program are distinct enough that a proposal should only be submitted to a single program. If you are uncertain where a project might fit, please contact a CANARIE program officer.