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On behalf of the Norwegian Society for Medical Informatics (FDH) and the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) we cordially invite you to the 23rd European Medical Informatics conference – MIE2011 – in Oslo, Norway, August 28th to 31st, 2011.

MIE2011 is co-hosted by FDH and EFMI and will be a primary venue for the European health informatics community in 2011. We encourage you to participate as presenter of a paper or poster, demonstrator of an application, panellist, exhibitor or delegate.

The objective of the conference is to highlight the broad range of health informatics achievements at regional, national, and at international level. We invite the full range of submissions of original work in health and biomedical informatics research and innovation. Your submission can discuss health records, social media, standards, social care, telemedicine, software development, as well as strategies for user involvement, usercenteredness, benefits for patient care, development for sustainable use, and new challenges when health professionals collaborate in (virtual) teams with colleagues and patients.

MIE2011 theme is “User Centred Networked Health Care”.

The conference programme will include keynotes, parallel tracks with oral presentations of accepted contributions: papers, panels and poster. Furthermore, there will be application-oriented track with EFMI corporate members and we will introduce a village to present pre-competitive innovations.

MIE2011’s opening will commence at Akershus University Hospital, one of the technologically most advanced health facilities in Europe. During the opening Day, interactive workshops will feature the hospital’s extensive experience with advanced health technologies, complemented by tours through the hospital, focusing on Health Care of the Future (HP Global Centre of Excellence), Integrated EHR, digitalized radiology and laboratory.

Hospital visit

The activities at Akershus University Hospital (AHUS) precedes the official opening. They are included in the conference fee. The fee also includes transportation between the conference site and AHUS.

Each activity will be offered twice, at 10:00 and 11:40. You can consequently participate in two different activities. You choose your preferred activities when registering for the conference. Some of the activities may have limited capacity. These are offered at a first-come-first-served basis during registration. Please bring your confirmation letter to AHUS if you wish to come directly to AHUS, without registering at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel first.

You select your AHUS activity during registration. The letters are used to indicate the activity.
R: Fully Integrated Electronic Patient Record /Clinical Information System

This activity will present and demonstrate the fully integrated hospital Electronic Patient Record system supporting health providers’ information handling and care documentation practices; profession specific documentation as well as collaborative information sharing within the hospital.
D: Diagnostic Imaging / Radiology

This activity offers a visit in the fully digitalized radiology department to introduce the visions, and discuss experiences and lesions learned in the on-going processes to establish and operate in a fully digitalized radiology department. Mobile X-ray and cooperation with primary care will be included
L: Laboratory

This activity will explain the change to and include a visit to the fully automated laboratory for analysis, new tools and equipment in use and changes in the division of labor when the providers at the bedside collect the samples.
M: Medication automation

This activity will discuss and demonstrate experiences from the challenging transition to automate the medication chain, focusing on conditions for successful implementation and the different experiences towards that end. Participants will have the opportunity to see how the work at the clinical unit as well as in the pharmacy is carried out and are documented.
H: HealthCare of the future

This activity includes an orientation and tour of the “HP Global Center of excellence” that demonstrates actual use of ICT-based systems at a patient’s bedside and the health providers’ coordination center.
C: Collaboration and continuity, lessons from changing practices

This activity will highlight findings from research studies that have followed various aspects of the ongoing change and transformations of practice where the technologies’ new opportunities play a major part. The presentations will discuss changes in workflow and division of labor re. digitalized, core information and vital signs (kurve) in patient care, laboratory works and knowledge management system with standardized work descriptions and procedures for patient care.
I: information exchange and cooperation across levels of care

This activity will discuss experiences and demonstrate information exchanges across levels of care. These achievements include order entry and results reporting from laboratory and radiology, referrals and discharge letters. The interoperability is established between information systems in the hospital, collaborating GPs, nursing home and community nursing.
P: Pathology

This activity offers an insight in modern pathology using digital microscopy with all its advantages: morfometric analysis, pattern recognition, digital slide sharing, digital slide conferencing, etc.
T: Tour of the hospital

This activity offers a guided tour of the hospital, focusing on the “main street” (GLASSGATA) to give an overview of the hospital, explaining physical and technological infrastructure to handle all the logistics, including the robots, automatic transport (AGV) and tube system for transport. Guided tours will be given in English and in Norwegian, so please indicate language preference.
N: Tour of the hospital — in Norwegian

Omvisning på sykehuset—med norsktalende guide. Detaljer som på den engelsktalende omvisingen

Submission and Resubmission CLOSED

call for participation – CLOSED


The Scientific Programme Committee invites participants to submit (submission deadline in brackets)

· Posters (March 15, 2011)

· Panel proposals (March 15, 2011)

· Workshops (March 15, 2011)

· Short communications (March 15, 2011)

· Software demonstration proposals
(March 15, 2011)

· Full papers can no longer be submitted

Full paper submission closed February 6th.

The instructions for full papers were: scientific papers, future vision papers or review papers. An individual may be first author on only one paper. All presented papers will be included in the MEDLINE indexed proceedings, published by IOS Press in Amsterdam. Paper submissions should not exceed a maximum of five camera-ready A4 pages, and must include:

· Abstract of up to 200 words

· Names, academic degree(s), affiliations, and locations (city, state, and country) of all authors

· Body of text including Introduction, Method, Result, and Discussion (IMRAD)

· 4–6 keywords,

The authors are required to use the IOS templates for papers. Authors of accepted papers are allocated 15 minutes including questions and discussions to present their work.

A short communication reports work that merits quick publication. Contributions submitted as ‘short communications’ should not exceed the maximum of three camera-ready A4 pages, and must include:

· Abstract up to 200 words

· Names, academic degree(s), affiliations, and locations (city, state, and country) of all authors

· Body of text including Motivation, Results, Conclusions and References

· 1-3 keywords

Submissions will be considered for oral presentation or poster presentation. Oral presentations are allocated 15 minutes for presentation including questions and discussions. Posters are included in the poster sessions. The authors are required to use the IOS templates for papers. The deadline for submission is March 15, 2011. The Scientific Programme Committee will review short communication submissions, and accepted proposals will be available on the conference CD-ROM.

A poster presentation is a scientific contribution of work in progress, submitted as a two-page contribution. The authors are required to prepare their proposal using the IOS templates for papers. The deadline for submission is March 15, 2011. An accepted poster should be prepared as in A1 or A0 format, and presented in the poster sessions. The Scientific Programme Committee will review poster submission, and accepted proposals will be available on the conference CD-ROM.

A panel proposal emphasizes the discussion of an important theme and must contain title, abstract, 3-4 involved speakers, objectives, and detailed content to be discussed. The maximum number of pages for a panel proposal is three, and the authors are required to use the IOS templates for papers. The duration of a panel is 90 minutes. The deadline for submission is March 15, 2011. To support the EFMI Working Groups active involvement in MIE, so please if applicable, indicate an EFMI WG support of your proposal. The Scientific Programme Committee will review panel proposal submission, and accepted proposals will be available on the conference CD-ROM.

A workshop proposal requires active engagement of the audience, and must contain title, abstract, involved speakers, learning objectives, subject domain to be discussed, and expected achievements and outcomes. This year we will have two types of workshops – workshops to explore scientific issues and workshops with a learning objective (tutorial style). Please state the type of tutorial you intend to perform.

The maximum number of pages for a workshop proposal is tree, and the authors are required to use the workshop proposal templates or papers. The duration of a workshop is 90 minutes. The deadline for submission is March 15.

To support the EFMI Working Groups active involvement in MIE, so please if applicable, indicate an EFMI WG support of your proposal. The Scientific Programme Committee will review workshop proposal submission, and accepted proposals will be available on the conference CD-ROM.

A demonstration. We solicit Demonstrations as a scientific contribution in the form of a poster with a presentation of a (software) tool. The authors are required to use the IOS templates for papers, and prepare a proposal not exciding two-pages. The deadline for submission is March 15, 2011. Send your proposals to [email protected] The Scientific Programme Committee will review demonstration proposal submission, and poster demonstrations will be part of the MIE2011 Village.

Categories and themes

The conference addresses, but are not limited to, the following categories and themes:

· Methodology (Qualitative and Quantitative)

· Information and Knowledge Representation

· Information and Knowledge Processing

· Empirical Research Methodologies

· Applications (Systems, Goals, Problems, Policies)

· User-Centred in Networked Healthcare

· Healthcare service delivery.

· Policy, Financing and Stewardship

· Research and Education

· Specific Topics

A more extensive list of Categories, Themes and Topics can be downloaded here.


A careful selection of papers and poster will be nominated for awards. For MIE2011 The Peter Reichertz Memorial Prize will be awarded to the best scientific paper by a young researcher not older than 30 years. The Rolf Hansen Prize will be awarded to the best paper on electronic health records. The Best Poster Award will be awarded for the best poster/poster demonstration presenting an innovative idea and application.

Dates and Deadlines

Contributions can be submitted between October 15, 2010 and the deadline stated for the submission-type you choose.

Other important deadlines:

· Notification of acceptance: March 31, 2011

· Resubmission of accepted papers: May 1, 2011

· Conference: August 28 – 31, 2011

Final acceptance of a selected contribution requires that the presenting author is a registered delegate at MIE2011, and the submission has to be revised according to the recommendations of reviewers and the SPC.

Please prepare your contribution according to the text below, the instructions for authors and use the provided IOS templates.

Please click on the link here to submit your contribution online.

Co-hosted events

Special tracks focusing on Scandinavian Health Informatics, Informatics competencies and National eHealth developments will complement the traditional MIE topics.

Pre Conference Symposium

The 5. International Symposium on Human Factors Engineering in Health Informatics.

Trondheim, Norway, August 26-27.

More information

For more information, please contact
the Scientific Program Committee at [email protected], the Local Organizing Committee at [email protected],
or for general information [email protected]

We look forward to see you in Oslo for MIE2011.

Jos Aarts, SPC Chair

Anne Moen, SPC Co-Chair

Alexander Horsch, SPC Co-Chair

Truls Østbye, SPC Co-Chair

Petter Hurlen, LOC Chair

Save up to 20% on travel with the Star Alliance network

The Star Alliance™ member airlines are pleased to be appointed as the Official Airline Network for the MIE 2011

To obtain the Star Alliance Conventions Plus discounts, please quote the event code SK06S11 when calling the reservation office of a participating Star Alliance member airline.

For booking office information please visit: www.staralliance.com/conventionsplus

1. Choose “For delegates”

2. Under “Delegates login” enter the Event code

3. Choose one of the participating airlines listed

4. Call the respective reservation contact listed and quote the Event Code when booking the ticket

Registered participants plus one accompanying person travelling internationally to the event can be granted a discount of up to 20%, depending on the fare and class of travel.

The participating airlines for this event are:

Adria Airways, Aegean Airlines, Air Canada, Air China, ANA, Asiana Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Blue1, bmi, Brussels Airlines, Continental Airlines, Croatia Airlines, EgyptAir, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, South African Airways, Spanair, SWISS International Air Lines, TAP Portugal, THAI, Turkish Airlines, United, US Airways

Discounts are offered on international flights on most published business and economy class fares, excluding website/internet fares, senior and youth fares, group fares and Round the World fares.

Please note: For travel from Japan and New Zealand, special fares or discounts are

offered by the participating airlines on their own network.

MIE2011 – a successful combination of traditional and new approaches

By Anne Moen and Petter Hurlen, Oslo

MIE2011 in Oslo, Norway attracted more than 650 participants. The new program initiatives “Partnership in Innovation” and “Village of the Future” added the important dynamics of the application oriented aspects of our field that has been missed in the most recent conferences. In addition to the MIE2011 scientific program based on 215 accepted peer-reviewed full papers and the new invited activities, MIE2011 delegates enjoyed very active participation from the EFMI working groups present at MIE2011. Many of the 25 accepted, peer-reviewed workshops proposals and 5 accepted, peer-reviewed panels were hosted by EFMI-Working Groups. In addition, 7 of the EFMI-WGs held business meetings, either focusing on WG affairs or to discuss pressing issues pertaining to the interest of the particular WG with a broader audience. Further conferences should keep an eye on how this is productive for and can help develop the WGs activities further.

The important, affiliated events, “national eHealth Day” and the “Scandinavian conference on Health Informatics (SHI)”, contributed significantly to the number of participants, and helped mobilize locally. We are pleased that all major health informatics groups in Norway were involved in this joint effort to make MOE2011 a success. As a continuation, the Norwegian society for medical informatics (FDH) is in very interesting, promising and fruitful discussions with the Norwegian Computer Society (DND) to re-join efforts in the field of health informatics. FDH and DND also had a formally announced national meeting about this during the conference.

MIE2011 Award winners and nominees

Rolf Hansen Memorial Award

Contextualization in Automatic Extraction of Drugs from Hospital Patient Records

Svetla Boytcheva e.a. presented by Dimitar Tcharaktchiev

Committee comment

Committee members have independently selected best papers addressing innovative aspects of Electronic Health Record design, implementation or use. The merger of their findings resulted in 6 papers that were nominated. During the conference, the papers were further discussed and presentations were judged on clarity, added value to the paper, and interaction with the audience. Based on this judgment, the winner provided the strongest combination of quality of the paper and presentation of the topic.

Also nominated

Using Multimodal Mining to Drive Clinical Guidelines Development

Emilie Pasche e.a.

Developing an Electronic Health Record for Intractable Diseases in Japan

Shinji Kobayashi e.a.

Task Analysis and Interoperable Application Services for Service Event Management

Juha Mykkänen e.a.

Interoperability in HIS: a ROI Study Comparing CPOE with and without Laboratory Integration

Rodolphe Meyer

Nursing Information System: a Relevant Substitute of the Paper Nursing Record

Margreet B. Michel-Verkerke

Peter L. Reichertz Prize

Facilitating Access to Laboratory. Guidelines by Modeling their Contents and Designing a Computerized User Interface

Mobin Yasini e.a.

Committee comment

A very clear and well written paper with high practical impact that is of interest for the broader audience of the MIE conference.

Also nominated

Providing Trust and Interoperability to Federate Distributed Biobanks

Martin Lablans e.a.

Image-based Classification of Parkinsonian Syndromes Using T2′-Atlases

Nils Daniel Forkert e.a.

Best Poster Prize

Human-Centered Design of Scorecard Tool for Adverse Drug Event

Romaric Marcilly e.a.

Committee comment

The poster describes how a human-centered approach was used to develop a tool that presents clinicians an overview of the Adverse Drug Event notes and related causes in their department. The topic clearly reflects the topic of this MIE conference, and also addresses a contemporary field: patient safety. It represents the outcome of a longand thorough reserach and development process. The resulting tool is now being in routine and is highly appreciated by users. The poster presentation is very clear and exploits the design opportunities of a poster.

General Information

Congress secretariat

The Congress secretariat is located on the Ground Floor next to the main entrance of the Venue.

The Secretariat will be happy to help you with any questions that might arise, and sale of the Instructional Course book

Opening hours:
Saturday 27 August 17:00 – 20:00 (located in the hotel foyer)
Sunday 28 August 08:00 – 09:30 (located in the hotel foyer)
18:00 – 20:00
Monday 29 August 07:30 – 18:30
Tuesday 30 August 08:00 – 17:30
Wednesday 31 August 08:00 – 14:00

Congress PCO: Congress-Conference AS
Phone: +47-2256 1930
Fax: +47-2256 0541
E-mail: [email protected]

Your personal badge is your entrance ticket to the conference centre and all scientific arrangements. Please wear your badge at all times.

Colour codes: Red label: Local Organizing Committee
Green label: Invited Speakers and SPC chair and co-chairs
Blue label: Exhibitors (no access to scientific sessions)
Clear label: Participant

Certificate of Attendance
Certificate of Attendance will be provided at the secretariat on the last days of the congress to all registered delegates.

International phone calls
To call abroad from Norway dial 00 followed by the country code. The country code of Norway is 47.

Liability and Insurance

The Organizing Committee accepts no liability for personal injuries or loss or damage of property belonging to congress delegates, either during or as a result of the Congress or during any of the excursion tours. It is recommended that participants arrange for their own personal health, accident and travel insurance.


Lunch will be served to all delegates and exhibitors wearing a badge. Lunch will be served at AHUS on Sunday, and in the exhibition area on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Non-smoking policy
Please observe the non-smoking policy and that smoking is not permitted in-doors in public areas in Norway

Posters will be on display in the corridor leading to N2-6 and Telemark.
The poster area will be open Monday and Tuesday. The posters will be changed between Monday and Tuesday. The poster should be mounted between 07:30 and 08:30, and taken down around 17:00 hrs.
Please contact the Secretariat for fixing material.
Unfortunately, the Secretariat has no possibility to store posters not removed within due time, and such posters will be disposed off.

Speaker room
The speaker room will be located in room Asker, next to the registration desk. Oral presentations must be delivered to the Speaker Room at least 2 hours before the sessions starts. Personal computers in the session rooms will not be accepted. Opening hours for the Speaker room is as for the Secretariat.

Tickets for all social events must be presented upon notice. Please contact the Secretariat for available tickets for the social events.

There will be free access to wireless internet in all parts of the Venue. Please consult the secretariat for the access code.

Despite its 1,000 year history, Oslo is a city young at heart. Acceptable attire in Oslo and for the convention is business casual. Pack a sweater or light jacket for the evenings. Please note that convention centre rooms vary in temperature–for your comfort, it is recommended that you keep a light sweater or light jacket handy.

The electricity supply is 220 volts, 50-60 cycles. To operate small travel appliances such as irons, hair dryers or electric shavers, converters may be required.

Credit Cards:
Major credit cards including American Express, Diners Club, Visa and Mastercard are honored throughout Norway at hotels, stores and restaurants. Taxis in Norway accept all major credit cards.

Money Exchange:
The Norwegian Krone (NOK) is the national currency unit. Money can be exchanged at the airport, major hotels and banks. Credit cards and Traveler’s checks are also widely accepted. Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are conveniently located throughout Norway.

Official Language:

English is the official language of the conference.

Letter of Invitation (for visa requirements):
Upon request, MIE 2011 will be pleased to send you an official letter of invitation. Such an invitation is intended to assist participants in raising travel funds or obtaining a visa to enter Norway. The letter of invitation issued by MIE 2011 is not a commitment to provide any financial support nor does it guarantee a visa.

Letters of invitation are issued by our conference organizer after registration—please contact [email protected]

Passports and Visas:
All international visitors traveling to Norway must have a valid passport. Check with the Norwegian Embassy/Consulate in your country regarding any specific visa requirements and travel restrictions well in advance of your trip. For additional information about visiting Norway, go to www.visitnorway.com

For letters of invitation—please see above.

Time Zone:

Daylight saving time in August

Norway is at its best and brightest from May to September. Average temperature in Oslo in August is between 21°C (average max) and 13 °C (average min). Whether forecast can be found at yr.no

Dear potential Sponsor / Exhibitor

The 23rd International Conference of the European Federation for Medical Informatics will be held in Oslo and Akershus in August 2011. This event will co-host the Scanidinavian Health Informatics Conference (SHI) and national health association meetings and training courses.

We expect the number of participants to be no less than 500 attendants, covering the whole area of medical informatics.

MIE2011 is the main scientific event of the year. The scientific programme will focus on recent advances in health informatics, user experiences, political strategies as well as the management and organisational issues.

This year, we will use the opportunity to organise continuous education sessions for health professionals, mainly from Norway.

The venue of the congress will be Radisson Blu Scandinavia which has a beautiful location, next to the royal palace, excellent rooms and cuisine as well as excellent facilities for scientific presentations, exhibitions and possibilities for face to face head presentation of ideas, products and strategies.
Exhibition and sponsorshiP

Your contribution is important

We have already put a lot of efforts to ensure that also the MIE event this year will be a mutual success. The venue will give excellent opportunities to meet the delegates as we have set a side ample time for discussions and recreation between the scientific sessions, to continue previous relations and create new ones.

To provide the best possible atmosphere in the exhibition area, refreshments in the intermissions will only be served in this area. In addition the posters will be placed in the same location to ensure a flood of participants around the exhibition booths.

We know that your involvement in the conference is of outmost importance to us and we will in cooperation with the Congress bureau work hard to create the best atmosphere and opportunities to meet the specialists in the field

Welcome to Oslo

Petter Hurlen

Chairman LOC, MIE2011


MIE2011 will offer Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorship with recognition in all printed matters and at our web, recognition on signs in conjunction with the Conference, priority choice of exhibition stand, etc.

There will also be an opportunity to sponsor the conference bag, the official memory stick, the lanyards (badge band) and bag inserts.

Satellite symposia

MIE2011 is happy to offer you the opportunity of lunch break satellite symposia during the Monday and Tuesday lunch breaks. Each symposium will be 60 minutes.

The symposia will take place at the main conference hall, and there will not be any other scientific activities organised during this break.


The exhibition is an important marketing place for your company. The meet with potential customers, decision makers, users and prominent researches within their field is important for any company working in this sector. Make sure you do not miss this chance to show your company’s products and services.

The exhibition will be at the conference foyer in the hear of the conference . An outline of the site can be found here. The foyer is the entrance place for all delegates, and the venue for coffee breaks and posters.

The exhibition stands are a minimum of 2×3 meters, expandable..


Please contact the Conference organiser for further details at [email protected]

Social programme

Ahus, Sunday 28 August at 17:15 hrs.
Following the Official opening ceremony and sessions the Akershus University Hospital (Ahus) cordially invites all participants and accompanying persons to a Get-together party at the hospital.
Busses will return to Oslo centre at 18:30
Free for all registered Participants and Accompanying persons

Reception in the Exhibition and Village area,
Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Monday 29 August at 18:30.
The Organizers of MIE 2011 cordially invites all Participants, Accompanying persons and Exhibitors to a Reception in the Exhibition and Village areas of the Main Venue. Light snacks and drinks will be served. Do not miss this opportunity to meet with all your colleagues present at the conference.
Free for all registered Participants and Accompanying persons and exhibitors.

Conference Dinner
Gamle Logen, Tuesday 30 August at 19:00
Participants, Accompanying Persons and Exhibitors are invited to join the Conference Dinner at the beautiful old building Gamle Logen, located in the heart of Oslo. We can promise you a wonderful meal and dance to one of Oslo’s best ballroom orchestras: The Real Fake Band.
Dress code: Informal

Address: Grew Wedels plass 2
Price registered Participants and Accompanying persons: NOK 650,-
Price others: NOK 1000,-
Please consult the Secretariat for available tickets.

User Centred

Networked Health Care

The following documents can be downloaded:


Flyer— low resolution — for mail distribution

Flyer— standard resolution

Flyer— high re-print resolution

Poster—high re-print resolution

Banner — for reprint (jpg)

Banner — for reprint (pdf)

Banner — for web site linking

Instruction for Authors

IOS template –empty

IOS template with words

IOS all templates—zip

Categories, Themes and Topics

Call for papers

Follow link to view, right-click to download

Conference sites

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel Oslo – main conference site

The hotel is located next to the Royal Palace, in the hearth of Oslo.

Akershus University Hospital – Sunday 28th

The hospital is located just outside of Oslo. Transportation will be organised between the Conference Hotel and the Hospital. More information about the hospital available from their web site: www.ahus.no

User Centred

Networked Health Care

Conference dinner

The conference dinner will be at ‘Gamle Logen’, Grew Wedels plass 2.

Conference Hotels

A number of rooms have been reserved at favourable rates at selected hotels for MIE2011 participants. Rooms can be reserved during registration. All are within walking distance from the conference site (see map below).

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel

The MIE2011 conference hotel. The hotel holds an ideal location in the heart of Oslo near the Royal Palace. Within walking distance from major attractions like the City Hall, Karl Johans Gate, Vigeland Sculpture Park and Aker Brygge.

Address: Holbergsgate 30

Rica Holberg Hotel

Rica Holberg Hotel is located in the centre of Oslo, with a friendly atmosphere. The hotel is in walking distance of Oslo’s main thoroughfare, Karl Johans Gate and the Royal Palace.

Address: Holbergs plass 1

Thon Hotel Munch

Thon Hotel Munch is a bed and breakfast hotel, located in Oslo city centre. The immediate vicinity offers all you ever need: shops, restaurants, cinemas, theatres and public transport.

Address: Munchs gate 5

P-Hotel Oslo

The hotel is located centrally in Oslo, right behind the Grand Hotel. Breakfast is served in the rooms every day.

Address: Grensen 19